SlingFin Custom Tent Pole Clips

Reverse Gate CobraClip™

SlingFin Cobra Clip Tent Pole Clip
Built from Acetyl and stainless steel wire gates, the CobraClip™ is the ideal choice for cold environments. The reverse gate opening allows for better leveraging when locking the gate in the closed position and general ease of use. Having the gate open outward also allows for a larger opening and ease of use when clipping it around tent poles. Positive tension locking systems ensure that the gate will not open under high tension. We have designed the CobraClip™to be so easy to use that you can even use it with gloves on for those windy and snowy conditions!

The SlingFin RidgeClip™

Similar to the CobraClip™, the RidgeClip™ is also built from Acetyl and stainless steel wire gates, making it an ideal choice for colder environments. It is more of a general-purpose clip as it is smaller than the CobraClip™, and features an inward-opening gate like that of a traditional carabiner.