Care and Cleaning

Your SlingFin tent is made in a factory that has been making tents for over 55 years. The materials used in your SlingFin tent have been chosen for a balance of seam holding strength, tear strength, waterproofness, air permeability, UV resistance, and overall durability. Your tent will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Keep in mind that nearly all fabrics are affected by UV (Ultraviolet Light) degradation so even the Nylon 6,6 fabrics and Titanium Dioxide coatings will eventually degrade with enough UV exposure.

Tents should be washed by hand in lukewarm water. Use extremely gentle soap only if necessary. Do not use bleach, obviously. Dry the tent by setting it up in a shady, well-ventilated area.


Following these ten important points will eliminate the vast majority of tent damage:

  1. Never store your tent while it is moist, dirty or wet. Storing your tent wet in inclement weather is often necessary, but make sure you clean and dry your tent thoroughly before storing your tent for prolonged periods of time.
  2. Never store your tent in humid environments.
  3. Store your tent in a dark place to prevent UV damage. UV damage can also occur through windows and skylights.
  4. Make sure your tent pole sections are fully inserted before pitching your tent. Failure to fully engage the tent pole sections can cause tube failure near the tent pole ends. Do not let the pole sections "snap" together. Instead, insert them gently by hand to avoid cracking the tubing.
  5. Never use a washer or dryer to clean or dry your tent.
  6. Do not store your tent in an area of excessive heat such as the trunk of your car.
  7. Do not keep your tent pitched for long periods of time in the outdoors. If you plan on keeping your tent pitched outdoors for long periods of time try to lessen its UV exposure by pitching it in a shaded area and covering your tent with a tarp or cover whenever possible.
  8. Stake out your tent and flysheet properly at all times. Free-standing tents need to be staked out just like any other style tent. Failure to do so can result in structural damage.
  9. Keep your zippers as clean as possible. Keeping dirt, sand, silt (especially glacial silt) out of your zipper chain will help keep the inside of the metal zipper slider from wearing out. 
  10. Don't pitch your tent near active calderas. Volcanic gases have devastating effects on nylon. Exposure to acidic fumes can destroy your tent in a matter of days. Damage due to volcanic gases is not covered under our warranty.